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Spiritual Meditation Shrine of Shri Shri Thakur Kanai

Spiritual Meditation Shrine of Shri Shri Thakur Kanai.

Meditation Shrine of Shrimat Thakur Kanai
in front of the Shrine the then Sebayet
Sitting – Garbeta, Mednapur

Meditation Shrine of Shrimat Thakur Kanai, Partial Sight Of The
Font Position. On The Right Hand Side Of The Door, The Stick Named
“Aush Bari” Used By Shrimat Thakur Kanai Is Kept – Garbeta, Mednapur

Shilabati River – Garbeta, Mednapur

(Taken From Shrimat Biharilal Goswami’s “Kanutatwa Nirnoy” published in 1900 A.D)
There was no specific proof in which year Shrimat Thakur Kanai ended his religious activities. It was seen in “Premvilas” book that when Narottam Thakur started living in Khetri village, Shri Thakur Kanai with wife of Nityananda Prabhu, Jahnava Devi, Birchandra etc used to live there too.
At the last part of his life, Shri Thakur Kanai left Bodhkhana village in ascetic dress without the knowledge of his relatives and went to Garbeta village under Midnapur district. He took along with him 6/7 Geodes and worshipped as the symbol of Vishnu. There he made the cottage of worship and served the Geodes and made propaganda amongst local people about his life’s adorable Shri Shri Gour Nitayi’s radiant devotion of love and great incantation of Maha Mantra.
His disciples of Garbeta not knowing about his eternal association to Shrimonmahaprabhu , neither they knew that he was grandson and son of Shri Sadashiv Kabiraj and Shri Purusottam dasa Thakur respectively. They even didn’t know about the children of Shrimat Thakur Kanai at Bodhkhana. As a result of which neither Shrimat Kanu Thakur’s descendants could know about his last day’s series of supernatural events which remained unrevealed to them till then, nor could his devotees of Garbeta know the same of his past life at Bodhkhana.
However, after coming to Garbeta, one day at the time of taking bath in nearby river named Shilavati, one thing touched his feet. He lifted the thing and found a beautiful lifeless body of a young Brahmbhin man. God knew what flooded him with compassion he, an eternal associate of God, uttered spell to his ear and by inexpressible Divine grace life came to the dead body.The young Brahmbhin, as if awakened from sleep, regained his sense. Knowing the facts he fell at the feet of Shrimat Kanu Thakur, his life giver and earnestly requested for his favor .Then he told Shri Kanu Thakur about his identity prior to his death.He told that his name was Shriram and belonged to Kashyap family of Brambhin in simlai kutni gain branch. After some days his parents came to take away their son, but Shriram refused to go back with his parents and decided to live with his life giver. Then Shri Thakur Kanai gave initiation and permitted him to marry.Since then he took the title of Goswami and as Thakur Kanai branch fostering their disciples from generation to generation.
Shri Thakur Kanai revealed some extraordinary supernatural series of events which people of Garbeta and surroundings remembered for long years with great devotion.
It was said that after spending some time in Garbeta he consciously left his body for spiritual meditation in the full moon night of Kartika.
It is great compassion of Shri Thakur Kanai towards his descendants to know about his strange incidents and spiritual Meditation Shrine after 300 years. Shri Kanupriya Goswami of Thakur Kanai descendant came to know from Modonmohan Shukul, a resident of Garbeta about Thakur Kanai’s Meditation Shrine on 11th January 1909 A.D. After few months of this incident Shri Nirmal Chandra Goswami, Shri Kanupriya Goswami and Shri Harijeevan Goswami were the first to visit “Garbeta village” and inspect the sacred Meditation Shrine and there after collected the information’s regarding this and returned.
Here are few scanned photos printed in “Kanu Tatwa Nirnoy” enclosed.