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Facts Of Supernatural Birth Of prabhupada thakur kanai

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Facts Of Supernatural Birth Of prabhupada thakur kanai

Shri Shri Radhapranballava Jeew in Pancham Dol Festival

In some self-composed verses by Shri Krishna Kamal Goswami a variegated (strange) story had been revealed, which is as follows:-One day in Sukhasagar one excellent ascetic came in the house of Purosottam Dasa Thakura and addressed the house-wife as “mother” and then begged for food. Whether the food of domestic family would be appropriate for the ascetic or was it desirable for the well-being of the family? Without considering these, wife of Shri Purosottam dasa Thakur fed the hungry ascetic with great care, as if feeding Lord Narayana. She said with tearful eyes that by hearing the Sanyasi addressing her as “mother” her heart filled with nectar and she told the ascetic “I have never heard such nectar filled call”. After hearing this doleful utterance, the ascetic heart was softened and told her “Don’t cry mother, I will take birth in your womb as your child” There was a customary proverb that before the birth of Shri Thakur Kanai, his mother had a vision of him, the root of the proverb lies here.Hearing this she asked “how will I know that you have taken birth in my womb? Will there be any kind of sign?” The ascetic answered “look mother on my shoulder, here is a sign of spade of potter, you will find the same sign on the shoulder of the baby, but don’t tell this to anyone; if you tell this secret you will die”. Saying this Yogi disappeared. She was extremely surprised of the incident. At last the baby was born and she found the same sign, as told by the ascetic. Astonishingly she died when she told this incident to midwife.

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