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Brief Life History of prabhupada Gour Rai Goswami

Brief Life History of prabhupada Gour Rai Goswami

Prabupada Gour Rai Goswami

From left to right, Shri Kishore Rai Goswami, Shri Gour Rai Goswami, Shri Shyam Rai Goswami in front of Shri
Surendra Nath Goswami’s Residence at Bhajanghat

Date of Birth – 1st September, 1936.

Date of Death – 6th May, 2005.

Shrimat Gour Rai Goswami was nephew and efficient disciple of Naam Vignanacharya Shrimat Kanupriya Goswami and eldest son of Shri Ramanath Goswami.
Though he was a student of science, he was a good artist and could do beautiful recitation as well. He passed B.SC and joined Babcock Co. at the age of 19 and had to travel to different distant places for the sake of his service he was attached to. His Company Boss was so satisfied with his work that he decided to send him to foreign for special training. But at the advice of his spiritual guide cum uncle he politely expressed his inability to accept the proposal. He resigned from the service for betterment of his religious aim, to serve his family Deity Shri Shri Gour Rai Jeew and to serve in writing and editing religious books on Gaudiya Vaishnava religion. He respected his uncle cum spiritual guide very much and was an object of affection to him. Whenever he got an opportunity he straightway used to come to Nabadwip to meet his uncle cum spiritual guide.
His family Deity Shri Shri Gour Rai Jeew and uncle cum spiritual guide were everything to his life. His spiritual guide gave him the responsibility to look after the religious books he wrote and told him “You will take the responsibility of my books, you will complete the books written incomplete by me and see that the books never go out of print.”
Till the last days of his life he carried out the responsibility conferred on him by his spiritual guide. He also made CD copies of those books, so that in his absence those books would not be out of print.
For the sake of his service he was in Durgapur of West Bengal state for a long period of 35 years He was shift Engineer in Durgapur project and hence promoted to Executive Engineer. He used to arrange religious events like Harisava(Devotees meeting to listen and discuss about God) and other festivals relating to Gaudiya Vaishnav religion .
He used to come to Nabadwipdham to organize Holi, Raas and Janmasthami festivals. In his retired life he came to Nabadwipdham with his family permanently .Before his retirement he arranged his only daughter’s marriage.His main motivation was to serve Deity Shri Shri Gour Rai Jeew and to write and edit religious scriptures. People used to come from different temples at Nabadwipdham to seek answer to any question regarding Hari Katha. He was considered Pundit amongst Vaishnava Society. Any complicated questions relating to religion was explained by him in a very simple way understandable to anybody.
Many saints of Iskcon/Mayapur were familiar to him. Most of the books written by Shrimat Kanupriya Goswami were printed in the press of Iskcon. Besides this , he himself wrote several religious subjects in fortnightly paper published by Iskcon.
Most of the religious books written by him and his family members were edited by him. The precious lyrics of Krishna Kamal Goswami were almost at the stage of out of print. He, at his sole effort, collected money from different persons and printed 1000 copies of these valuable lyrics of Krishna Kamal Goswami who was born 200 years ago.
In all his writings his style of composition of the subject was so beautiful that could be seen in rare cases. Amongst his limited number of disciples, Shri Sankar Lal Ganguly was his first disciple. Shri Sankar Ganguly was his School friend and used to sit in the same bench with him from class V to class X, such was the friendship between them. Afterwards, Shri Sankar Ganguly qualified himself to M.COM, L.L.B, AICWA and FCS. He was atheist and did not believe In God and Religion. He used to taunt Shri Gaur Rai Goswami on his religious belief. Shri Gaur Rai Goswami endured all tauntings of his close friend; he knew that he had to put up with such taunting for his religious beliefs.
But he was strong in his belief supported by logic and reasons. One day he sat with Shri Sankar Ganguly for continuous 3 hrs and explained his beliefs with logic and reasons and convinced his learned friend. After few days Shri Sankar Ganguly was changed to theist and took initiation from Shri Gaur Rai Goswami. To stay near his spiritual guide he left his old job and took a new one at Durgapur. Till today he remembers his spiritual guide and follows the religious path shown by Shri Gaur Rai Goswami. Shri Gaur Rai Goswami was an eloquent speaker .Had he been living for some more years he could have enriched Vaishnava literature more. He did not even crossed 68 and we have lost a great soul.

Shrimat Gaur Rai Goswami had written the following religious books: –

1.) Mohot –Sanga Prasanga.

2.) Baidurya Prabondhaboli.

3.) Bhakti- Sidhyanto Ratna Panchak.

4.) Jibonalekhyo of Naamvignanacharya Prabhupada Shrimat Kanupriya Goswami.