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Brief History Of Shrimat Gour Hari Goswami

Brief History Of Shrimat Gour Hari Goswami

Shri Shri Radhapranballava Jeew Dressed After Holi

Shri Gourhari Goswami

Year of Birth: – 1902 A.D (Approx.)
Date of Death: – 17th May, 1993 A.D

Shri Gour Hari Goswami was younger of the two sons of Shri Rashbihari Goswami. He was born at Bodhkhana village of Jasohor District under the then East Bengal of India.

He was Science graduate. He passed B.A with Sanskrit also and was Teacher in Oriental Seminary High School.

When they were in Bodhkhana village ,few days of “Daily Seva”of Shri Shri Radhapranballava Jeew were borne by his father.

When riot broke out in 1947-48 A.D, due to tremendous unrest the other Sebayets were unable to continue Seva of Shri Shri Radhapranpallava Jeew and decided to hand over the Deity to other Monestory of Vaishnavas .

At that, Shrimati Annapurna Goswami, wife of Shri Gour Hari Goswami , disagreed to hand over the family Deity to other place and requested her husband to take the Deity to Calcutta.

Shri Gour Hari Goswami with the help of his cousin Gourgopal Goswami ,ignoring the risk of their lives they kept the Deity in a Trunk and took to Santoshpur/Jadavpur Village in the afternoon of the very day,on 28th Jaistha in the year 1357 Bangabda. At that time Custom Officers used to check all the materials while taking out of the Village,but in a sudden stormy weather ,refrained from checking the Trunk and they were allowed to go without checking.
On the South side of Jadavpur station at Santoshpur Village the Deities were worshipped for six years and afterwards for three years in Alambazar by the above mentioned Goswamis.

Afterwards a Temple was built at 1/1 Pathbari Lane, Barhanagar and the Deity was established there on an auspicious day of “Akhsoy Tritiya “on 28th Baishakh of 1366 Bengali year.

Since then the Deity is being worshipped till date. A big festival is being held on Pancham Dol every year and an innumerable devotees get “Prasad” (food offering to Deity). Even the Maharajas of Barhanagar Pathbari get the favour.

Shri Gour Hari Goswami worshipped the Deity till his death and afterwards his son Shri Madhusudhan Goswami is continuing.

Due to tremendous increase of the devotees it became necessary for expansion of the Temple. The Devotee Shri Parthasarathi Mazumder fulfilled the requirement. His sister Shrimati Madhuparna Goswami also playing an active role in serving the Deity since last few years.