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Brief History of BHAJANGHAT Village.

Brief History of BHAJANGHAT Village.

Shri Shri Radhaballava Jeew, Dressed In
Holi Festival(Bhajanghat)

Shri Shri Radhaballava Jeew And Shri Shri Radha Vrindavan
Jeew In Raas Festival

Shri Shri Radhaballava Jeew And Shri Shri Radha Vrindavan Jeew In Raas Festival

Shri Shri Vrindabanchandra Jeew Bhajanghat

BhajanGhat(Taken from Nikat Durr Program Conducted by DD Bangla)

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION:The Bhajanghat village is located 6 kms east side of Majdia Railway station which is under Krishnagunge Thana at Nadia District of West Bengal state in India.
UTILITY OF THE NAME:Daily evening, greetings of Deities of Shri Shri Radhaballava Jeew and Vrindavanchandra Jeew resounded the surroundings of the locality.3/4 Sankirtan communities are still there to take part in the festivals of both the Temples without any remuneration. They take part also in household rituals and auspicious occasions of householders of the village.Therefore almost everyday “Naam Sankirtan” resounds in all parts of the village. Devotional songs, prayer and worship are the heart- throb of the village.Most of the villagers are the devotees of the Deities mentioned above.
Mosques of the Muslim communities are also present in this village. Morning and evening both times call to Muslims are announced to attend prayer in Mosque.There is a big church in a nearby village.It is never heard of any uproar amongst the communities; neither there is any political unrest in the village.Every year Jagadhatri puja is organized with grand pageantry since ancient time. This puja festival was introduced after few years of the arrival of the Goswamis in this village, i.e. nearly 350 years ago.
ARRIVAL OF THE GOSWAMIS:After Maharashtra revolution in the year 1741 A.D, which is also known as “ Borgio Hangama” , some Goswamis came from “Bodhkhana” village of Jasohar District in the then East Bengal ( at present Bangladesh) and started inhabitating in Bhajanghat village.Some of the disciples of Goswamis of this village,brought Shri Shri Radha Vrindavanchandra Jeew from Vrindavandham and established here. Most probably at that period another Deity Shri Shri Radha Modon Gopal (Govindoji) was established in Paschimpara of this village.Since then both the Deities were worshipped in this village after 2nd world war Radha Modon Mohan Jeew was shifted to Borojora village of Hut Asuria of Bankura district. Actually they thought of going to Nabadwip, but specially requested by the then Maharaja of Krishnanagar and the pleasing natural beauty of the village, abstain from going to Nabadwip. Practically the name of the village was given”Bhajanghat” as residence of the devotional families. Since then, more than 350 years, both the Deities were worshipped in this village. After 2nd world war Shri Shri Govinda Jeew Deity was taken to “Hat Asuria” of Barojora village under Bankura district with worshipping family.
Almost 250 years self revealed Deity Shri Shri Radhaballava Jeew was exposed from the north side Lake of this village. Shrimati Radharani Deity was established by loving devotee and worshipper Shri Nandaram Goswami
CULTURE AND EDUCATION:From Gazetteer it shows that in the year 1855 A.D. Pundit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar established 6 No’s Schools in Nadia District for spreading of education .One of them was Bhajanghat Junior High School .At that time school was up to 8th class .Afterwards it was advanced to High School and still it is there. Besides , Shri Satyadas Goswami , Dy. Magistrate, worshipper of Shri Shri Radhaballava Jeew established Primary Girls School in the name of his mother” Chamatkarini Devi” , adjoining his own house , opposite to Shri Shri Radhaballava Temple.That house has been demolished and the school has been shifted to the north- east side of the Temple.
Apart from these, there are some private and Government helped schools running. There are two clubs of young boys, organized by educated and honorary people where regular sports and social works are done.
There were 3/4 opera parties also , previously who amongst themselves used to make open air competition .At present that type of entertainment are not being encouraged due to introduction of other type of entertainments , like T.V, VCR Cable etc.Durga puja. Kali puja, Saraswati puja etc. are organized throughout the year.
Many learned men, Poets, Professional narrator of spiritual and mythological stories, readers, versed in singing and music, religious and honest high souled persons have glorified the dignity of Thakur Kanai family in this 350 years old ancient village.
Shri Radhaballava Goswami was awarded “Kavishekhar” title for his knowledge and poetic talent. Shri Krishnaram Goswami was court scholar of Raja Rajballava. Shri Nandaram Goswami and his elder son Gorachand were learned, versed in scriptures and founder of Shri Shri Radhaballava temple. Shri Kamalakanta and Shri Haradhan Goswami were eloquent in explaining “SHRIMOD BHAGABAT”. Shri Krishna Kamal Goswami, on account of his devoted poetic talent and versed in singing and music was accepted universally. His book of verse like “ Swapnavilas”, “Rai Unmadini,”“Bharat Milan,” “ Bichitravilas “ etc were famous . Dr. Surendranath Goswami was extraordinary pundit and medical practitioner and devotee of Gour Rai Jeew. Shri Biharilal Goswami wrote” Kanutatwa Nirnoy” in the year 1307 Bangabda, i.e.1900 A.D. That Kanutatwa Nirnoy was reprinted and published by Srijib Goswami and Madhuparna Goswami in the year 1406 Bangabda /1999 A.D. Shri Kanupriya Goswami was Vaishnava preceptor and best devotee and wrote 9 religious books.
Not only Goswami families, many renowned persons of this village were praiseworthy for their love to country, social work, education, culture and tradition. They were bearer of all those above qualities. Only few of them are being mentioned here, Shri Badal Sarkar and Satyadas Goswami was Dy. Magistrate. Shri Mohit Sen of Sen Family of paschimpara was Auditor General of Defense department in Delhi and also founder of Delhi Kalibari. Shri Moni sen was principal of Vidyasagar College and famous note writer of English text book. Shri Mihir Sen was Dean of Economy of Calcutta University. Renowned Drama writer Devnarayan Gupta was involved with this village. Shri Manik Roy was an honest man. The eldest son of Shri Bamandas Roy, Dr. Sunil Roy was famous professor and mathematician. Shri Hazarilal Roy and his brother Joygopal Roy was like leader of this village.