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Editorial Foreword

Editorial Foreword

Prabhupada Kishore Rai Goswami

Srijib Goswami

“Agnana Timirandhyasya Gnananjana Salakaya

Chokshurunmilitang jena Tasmai Shri Gurabe Namo”

“Akhondo Mondolokarang Baptong Jena Characharam

Tatpado Darshitam Jena Tasmai Shri Gurabe Namo”

It had not been possible for an ignorant & incompetent person like me to open this website without the boundless compassion of my absolute venerable spiritual guide Shrimat Kishore Rai Goswami.

Borne in mind his lotus feet and blessings of the great souls of my ancient predecessors, I dared to take this work of almost 900 years old history of the great Vaishnava Family, where three consecutive generations have eternal divine grace of other world (Nitya Siddho). They were Sadashiv Kabiraj( Chandraboli)->Purusottam Das Thakur (Stokokrsna)-> Thakur Kanai (Ujjal Sakha ). This has scriptural proof in Chaitanya Charitamrita Canto Adi II P.35-37.

Names of 23 generations till date are recorded in the family tree.

Due to procreation in different branches & sub-branches of this family all names of the present generation could not be recorded. I humbly apologize for that & request to send E- mail to either of the following address given below for enlisting their names in the family tree:-

As additions and alterations can be done in this website, any error or lapses done due to ignorance or want of attentions, all viewers are requested to note and send to the above address for compliance.

I am grateful to the following persons for their kind cooperation without which this work would have remained incomplete. They are
Dr. Parthasarathi Majumder, Snigdha Dasgupta,Sankarlal Ganguly, Ajit Sen & Smriti Sen. Roshni sen & Madhuparna goswami helped me right from the beginning of this work and still continuing to help for preparation of its Bengali Version. Special attention of Smriti Sen enriched the art of literary composition.

From the very beginning of this glorious family many devotees, learned, talented, verses in singing, writers, artist, teachers etc. nourished the glory of this great family till date.

But due to passage of time and speedy present age, the descendants of this family scattered all around the world. The branches and sub branches of this family tree expanded far away from the main root.

If anybody of this glorious and traditional family from any corner of the world becomes inquisitive about his own hereditary culture, then this website may help him to search specific documents about his own family root.

With that motivation, this website is being opened and if it comes to any help to any person of the scattered family, the endeavour of Srijib Goswami will be meaningful.

I also cordially invite all Vaishnavas of all over the world to open this website & request them to kindly write their valuable comments.

Kripa Prarthi.

Srijib Goswami.